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  • Marina

    Brian, hi, I just want to express my appreciation for the Legacy of Lev Aronson – as I knew him briefly, because he was giving Cello lessons to my sister Nelya Goldenberg/ Kisin. We came to Dallas in 1979, and she was introduced to Lev Aronson, who gave her complimentary lessons, just to be helpfull. I learned allot from reading his biography made available by your efforts. I am glad I knew Lev Aronson – a role model for many.
    If i may ask – just cureouse – is his family still in Dallas? Where is he buried?

  • Peter Ozsvath

    Dear Brian,

    It’s really great that you are doing this for the memory of Lev. He left a deep impression on all of us who had the privilege to meet him. I wish I could be in Texas for your summer event (my excuse: I’m living on the East Coast and have three small children). I hope you post something on this website so that even those of us stranded in the New York area can enjoy it!

    All the best,

  • Madeleine Crouch

    Hi, Brian,
    I used to wait on your beloved teacher Lev Aronson at Whittle Music Company in Dallas, Texas in the late 1970s and early 1980s! When I saw this latest blog email I thought I’d contact you. I was in my 20s and a total greenhorn from Lubbock Texas who had moved to Dallas after graduating with a music degree and found myself working in a big music store (and loving it!) I was a new clerk in the huge sheet music department when I first encountered Mr. Aronson. He had a big stack of music and told me he was taking it with him. He was so intimidating! I asked, like a mouse, “Shouldn’t you be paying for it?” and he said, “Young lady, do you know who I am?” I soon did, and after gaining some confidence enjoyed waiting on Mr. Aronson for a number of years. It was always an event when he came in, like living theater! But he was courtly and underneath the grandness, very kind. We always, ALWAYS had to have a back stock of his cello method, published by Alexander Broude, volumes 1 and 2. It’s been 30 years and I still remember this little detail! I’m going to buy a copy of your CD now and look forward to listening to it. I am today the owner of an association management company and general manager of the International Society of Bassists, so I know many of your Cleveland Orch colleagues in the bass section well!
    Madeleine Crouch

  • Richard

    I was Lev’s youngest student in Dallas. I remember if I got a good report from Lev, my mom would drive me down the street to a local magic shop to get an inexpensive card trick. Lev taught life lessons, not just cello.

  • Rich Pope

    Lev was a great teacher. Many do not know he co-authored a two-volume series entitled, “The Complete Cellist”. In addition, he made a wonderful record album through Word Records in Waco, TX. I loved every lesson with him in his Dallas home on Pinocchio. Lynn Harrell played at his funeral and it was haunting. I miss Lev very much.

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